Friday, June 13, 2008

Ten Highlights from the Convention that Have Nothing to do with Politics

With all the post-Convention blogging about various issues, I thought I would offer my favorite non-political aspects of my Convention experience this year. Here are my Top 10 experiences:

10. I got to reunite with old friends from across the Convention.

9. I got to hang out with my former college roommate for an afternoon.

8. I got harassed by my pastor’s wife because of my former college roommate.

7. I got to meet a pastor and his wife who are rightly opposing the IMB Personnel Policies, a seminary professor with whom I disagree a lot but was genuinely a nice guy, a church planter who used to grade for my professor, two staff members from a mission-minded church in NW Indiana, and I got Shane Hall’s autograph.

6. I ran into my former pastor (who gave me a signed copy of his new book).

5. I got to hang out at the NAMB and IMB displays and talk to missionaries.

4. I got to pray with and for fellow believers.

3. I got to stay up late and watch Indiana Jones.

2. I got to have butter on my popcorn.

1. I got 15 free pens, 6 bags, 2 coffee mugs, a T-shirt, 5 free books, 3 highlighters, 2 foam basketballs, a miniature bottle of hot sauce, and a tie tack.



Russ R. said...

Man! I didn't make the highlight reel! All the same, it was great meeting you. And I won't hold against you anything your old roomie says about you. Blessings.

Todd Benkert said...

I should have added "and making new ones" to #10.

It was great meeting you too :-)