Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take-aways from the Pastor's Conference

As always, I leave the pastor's conference with a few points to ponder and on which I will be reflecting when I return home.

Here are a few of the salient points I gleaned from the Pastor's conference:

Ed Stetzer – God has already made us ONE, we just have to live it out.

Francis Chan – Do I really want to know the will of God? What would God do with me right now if he had complete control of me?

David Platt – Will we retreat from the mission of God or will we give everything for the sake of the gospel?

Johnny Hunt – Is it possible that Southern Baptists have lost the capacity to believe the miraculous? (esp. in terms of fulfilling the Great Commission)

Mark Dever – We need to recover the corporate nature of the church – we must worship God ourselves, but not by ourselves.

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