Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An "Experiencing God" Moment

Nothing profound or particularly poignant in this post, just a brief testimony of a door God is opening for our church and which we are looking forward to going through. Here is a brief bullet point synopsis:

• A door for ministry in our church, one that had been open and was a primary outreach ministry, closed. We tried to reopen it, and prayed for it to reopen, but it remained closed.
• I began praying for new ways for our church to minister to our community.
• My fellow pastor, a few leaders, and our prayer team began to pray for an opportunity for ministry.
• The past ministry door transformed to a different but still significant ministry. In the mean time, God was working on another door…
• A local, large multi-housing complex sent a letter to its tenants asking if there was any interest in organizing an Easter egg hunt and possibly gathering for an early service on Easter morning.
• The newsletter found its way to me.
• I approached the apartment manager about his letter and offered the assistance of our church. I gave him two weeks to think about it and said I would contact him to discuss the idea further.
• Our church prayed corporately for two weeks about the opportunity.
• We made a more specific plan for the event and for ongoing ministry in the MH complex.
• We sought the best way and time to pitch the idea to the manager.
• Before I could call him, he called me.
• He asked if we were still wanting to do ministry in his apartment community.
• I met with him and pitched our plan for Easter weekend and ongoing ministry after that.
• He is excited about having our church hold this event/service and prepare for ongoing ministry to his 1200+ tenants.
• Turns out, though the complex is owned by a secular corporation, the manager and two of his staff are born again Christians and want to see their complex reached for Jesus Christ.
• We are planning for Easter weekend and looking forward to how God will work through us for His kingdom.

I share all this as a testimony of a current “Experiencing God” moment. God is still at work. Our church is beginning to see people saved and lives being changed. I’m thankful to be able to join Him in His work. May we be faithful to His call.

Now your turn...
SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY -- What's God doing where you are?


The Gulley Family said...

Not to much here. We are in a period of waiting. Waiting to hear his voice of what to do now. We have been blessed with my new job which was a huge answer to prayer. We are wanting a new ministry or a renewed fervor for those we have. We have been out of the loop since I finish last spring's semester. Some for good reasons and others of selfish sin and sloth. We are praying and waiting to hear how to make our comeback if you will. Till then we are fully vested in the ministries at hand.

Todd Benkert said...

Update: The library has approved the use of their adjoining field. Pray the event leads to future opportunities for ministry.