Monday, March 23, 2009

What kind of pastor will I be?

In my ministry, I have come across two kinds of pastors.
I must choose which kind I want to be.

Will I be…

. . . a pastor who is an encouragement to those around them or a pastor who sucks the life out of others by my negative attitude?

. . . a pastor who see challenges as an opportunity for God to work or one who approaches challenges with a “can’t do” attitude?

. . . a pastor who talks about what God is doing in the lives of people or a pastor who complains about the difficult people?

. . . a pastor who loves people and invests in others or a pastor who sees people for how they can benefit me and my agenda?

. . . a pastor who is constantly critical of other ministers and ministries or a pastor who praises other ministers and ministries and comes alongside those who need support?

. . . a pastor who casts a vision and asks the congregations to give to it or a pastor who has no vision and complains about the church not having any money?

. . . a pastor who sees things as they can be or one who sees things as they’ll never be?

. . . a pastor who appreciates and seeks to carry on the legacy of those who have gone before or a pastor who is cynical of the older generation of leaders?

. . . a pastor who values fellow believers even when I disagree on secondary and tertiary issues or one who demonizes others with whom I disagree?

. . . a pastor who constantly talks about myself and my plans or a pastor who takes an interest in others?

. . . a pastor who embraces theological, philosophical, and methodological discussions from an “iron sharpens iron” point of view or one who debates others in an adversarial manner and seeks to win arguments at any cost?

. . . a pastor who prays for others or one who gossips about others?

. . . a pastor who spreads the gospel wherever I go or one who preaches, teaches, and talks about evangelism but never actually shares his faith with anyone?

. . . a pastor who walks by faith or one who walks by sight?

. . . a pastor who is desperately dependent on God or one who ministers in his own strength?

. . . a pastor for whom prayer is vital to my life and ministry or for whom prayer is an afterthought or a begrudging duty?

. . . a pastor with a vital and growing relationship with the Lord or one whose spiritual life is dull and lifeless?

. . . a pastor who puts ideas into action or one who posts lists on a blog and then forgets about them?

. . . a pastor who seeks first the kingdom of God or one who seeks first the kingdom of Todd?

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Gramma Gulley said...

Great thoughts there... like'em..

got lots on this blog to keep me busy and interested..

God Bless and Keep keeping on, Brian Gulley's grandma.